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Medical Support Services

Medical Transcription

Quality medical transcription had to change in order to provide significant value to its users and meet ever stricter standards.  Now, all voice and word data are encrypted and transported securely.  Next, turn-around- times tighten to 2 – 12 hours, depending on individual requirements. Finally, interaction with all EMRs  is  routine. Dictation is done from your i-phone using an app, personalized templates dramatically shorten time per dictation, and uploads are automatic.

Medical Scribe

Interaction of reports with EMR occurs via HL7 upload, or by a scribe which places each part of a report in the  proper  position using a customized secure VPN.  Increasingly necessary for full utilization of the EMR

Medical Billing
Proprietary Coding Automated Toolkit  provides instant ICD-10 codes, CPT codes, PQRS codes and E&M codes for any medical document. This provides maximum billing levels for each encounter and protection from over/underbilling audits.

Comprehensive billing services  at the lowest rates,  achieved by the application of cutting edge technology, automated processes and  experienced staff members.

Medical Summarizations/Hospital Discharge Summaries
Complete review of hospital or outpatient records  followed by the preparation of a summarized document outlining all significant problems, events, treatments, procedures, medications and recommendations with hyperlinks to the original records. 

Hospital Discharges Summaries  prepared and placed into EMR for review and  approval.

Nursing Home documents reviewed and summaries provided.

All Services Fully HIPAA Compliant
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