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Do I need special equipment in order to use your services?


Answer: Absolutely not. The only equipment you need is a telephone. We will send you a recorder that you simply plug into any phone and press "play". Use the recorder or simply call and dictate. I would rather go through the internet.


Can I still use your service?


Answer: Absolutely. We offer web-based accessibility.


Who is 686 Medical Transcription Company?


Answer: We are one of the largest and most professional, Medical Transcription, Healthcare Information Systems, companies in the country. We have clients from coast to coast and have years of experience in the medical transcription field. Our staff of medical transcription specialists and technical support teams have been in the medical field, in various capacities, and go through rigorous training prior to employment in order to ensure quality of services.


Do you outsource your work?


Answer: We do both US based transcriptions and outsourcing. We have a blended approach, however all editing and quality control is done in our New Jersey office.


How are you able to maintain such a competitive price?


Answer: We do thousands and thousands of lines on a daily basis so we are able to pass along volume discounts to all offices regardless of size.


How do you send the final product?


Answer: We offer various methods for transferring files in order to accommodate every practice and every circumstance. For example, we can send it via email as an attached document, place it on the client's ftp server or you can download it directly from us onto your computer.


How do I get billed?


Answer: We will send you an itemized statement at the end of the month. No deposits or pre-payments are required.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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